Bikers should be prepared well if the weather changes unexpectedly.  Get thermal underwear and keep a supply of dry socks should you get caught in the rain.  As well as sweat pants/shirts, masks, gloves, and other things to make your ride more comfortable.  Also keep cargo straps, buckles, clips, and nets in stock.

A large number of Americans are riding motorcycles today, and biking related injuries and deaths are of grave concern. Bikers should also ensure that they are covered with enough health insurance to protect them in case of any accidents.

Carry a small leather bag these bags provide an alternative place to carry pocket cameras, mad-money, cigarettes, lighters, etc.  They attach to one’s belt, clip to your belt-loop, go around the waist, or over the shoulder(s). Sizes and number of pockets / compartments vary.

The wallets include a smaller tri-fold and a larger checkbook tri-fold.  Both with the belt chain to ensure it isn’t left on the rode miles ago should it fall from ones pocket. Visitors and locals who frequently ride horseback also find these a good way to prevent leaving their wallets on the trail somewhere. Carry a pair of leather gloves according to the weather condition.

Always wear a helmet, Sunglass, jacket and do carry spare parts for your bike.

Popular Bikers Clubs

  • Womens Motorcycle Clubs, Groups and Associations
  • AMA Chartered Riding Clubs
  • One Percent Motorcycle Clubs
  • Christian Bikers and motorycle groups
  • Gay (GLBT) motorcycle groups
  • Law Enforcement and Firefighter Clubs
  • Classic Motorcycle associations

Motorcycle Brand and their Clubs

  • Aprilia
  • BMW
  • BSA
  • Buell
  • Ducati
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Honda
  • Indian
  • Kawasaki
  • Motoguzzi
  • Norton
  • Suzuki
  • Triumph
  • Yamaha


Biking Needs for the Enthusiasts

The nitty gritty on biking essentials most often depends on the type of cycling tour that one goes to. However, there are basically a few necessary items that every biker is recommended to have, whether he goes for a short ride to the mountains or around the city outskirts or for some long cross-country travel.
Among the most important items that a biker should have is the handy-dandy pump. An arm pump may lean more on the cheaper side but a high-powered electric one can be very useful when tired arms meet under-inflated bike tires.
Of course, problems during bike tours are not just limited to tires that lack air. Thus, it would be very helpful to keep around spares for parts that will slow down, if not stop, the bike tour if it breaks down.
The helmet is another item on the list of must-haves, whether beginner or professional cyclist. One will never know what dangers await along the road so it would be best to always protect the most essential asset of a person: the head.
Speaking of dangers, lights and reflectors are also on the list of biking essentials. Not only will it protect the biker from getting hit by approaching or tailing cars, but these items could also help illuminate the road especially during night travel, helping one avoid the bumps and easily go around road curves.
The proper luggage is another essential item that a biker must have. Those going on short cycling tours may just get a rucksack with a small bladder to allow them to drink water without getting distracted from biking. Those who go on long term travel may choose to have panniers that can be attached to the bikes to contain all essential items for their cycling tour.
Are you ready to bike all around? Check your biking essentials and be ready for another set of adventure!